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Circle K International is the largest service organization in the world, with over 13,000 members worldwide who have served a total of 199,327 hours of service.

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Website Updates: New Member Additions 2018

Monday, September 9, 2018

Notice anything new? The website has been updated with several new pages, as well as multiple front-end improvements!

Tech team has heard your feedback, and worked hard to implement many quality of life updates this summer. 

Patch Notes

New theme implementation

- New custom background and banner graphics

- New website colors

- New fonts 

New webpages

- Member Recognition Page (under resources dropdown tab): Contains information about how to attain all MRP ranks and crobie levels.

- Family page (under about dropdown tab): Contains general information about the family system and a countdown timer for new member install.

Redesigned webpages 

- Events signup page: Greatly simplified and compressed with more emphasis on the signup button. Also modified to be mobile friendly. 

- Membership page: Redesigned to contain less intimidating membership information and include information about website accounts. 

Navigation bar improvements 

- Mobile friendly collapsible menu

- Reduced and reorganized the navigation items for ease of use


- Various mobile friendly improvements across the entire website

Tech Team and I hope you enjoy these new updates. Feel free to reach out to any of us to give feedback or more suggestions!

Carl Dungca - Technology Chair

Helen Thio - Design/Mockups

Levi Friley - Content/Front-end

Angel Obie - Features/Front-end

Johnny Luong - Back-end

Big Little Applications

Monday, October 10, 2017

Hey hey are you excited to be picked up as a Little or pick someone else up as a Big?! Circle K 's  mentee/mentorship program application is now released so make sure to fill yours out if you want an opportunity to make a life long friend! 

You must be a dues paid member (has attended 1 CKI service event and 1 CKI social event) to apply to be a Little or Big. Please take the time to really answer the questions, be as thorough as possible with your answers.

Applications are due October 30th 11:59PM

Here is the Big Little application: https://ucsdcki.typeform.com/to/ifPOyt

In case you have not filled out the membership application: https://ucsdcki.typeform.com/to/yDt69X