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Big/Little Applications

Do you want to serve as a mentor/mentee for your fellow Circle K members? Here is your opportunity!

NOTE: You must be dues-paid and have completed 2 service and 2 social events this quarter to apply.

If you haven’t applied we’re extending the apps for LITTLES ONLY! This is your last chance to be able to get picked up by a big! We're extending the app deadline to Friday November 2nd at 11:59 PM. Do your apps!!

Student Alliance Against Trafficking

The Student Alliance Against Human Trafficking (SAAT) is a committee formed with the intention of increasing the visibility of human trafficking and educating our peers on the warning signs to better protect themselves and their community.

Impact Team Head

Impact Teams are independent service committees that are led by a general member, the Team Head. The Team Head has the opportunity plan a project that makes a difference with an issue he/she is passionate about.

Apply if you would like to take this great leadership opportunity!

Single Large Scale Service Project Committee (SLSSP)

Be part of the team that organizes a full day of service projects to make a change in our community! This year's District Service Initiative (DSI) is "helping those with disabilities".

Historian's Executive Assistant

Wanna get involved with our Quarterly Newsletter, Yearbook, and Scrapbook? Apply to be a HEA and let your creative side take charge!!


MBall Song Requests

We will consider ALL songs, artists, and genres! (Classics included). Our DJs will do their best to incorporate the songs to create a great mix!!

MBall Tabling and Chalking

Volunteer to help the masquerade ball committee promote their event. Tabling and chalking will occur every weekday until the event.

MBall Housing Form

We need volunteers to help house Masquerade Ball attendees. Sign up your space here!

MBall Volunteering

Interested in volunteering to help Masquerade Ball run smoothly? Let us know here!

Service Survey

Do you want to see specific service events? Want to let me know when you are available to do service? Please fill out this survey! It is completely anonymous and will be used to improve future service events!


S-, U-P-E-R, superstar is what you are! Find the words to all of our spirit cheers here!

GBM Suggestions

Do you have any interesting ideas for GBM activities? Request them here.

Weekly recap song requests

Would you like to request a song for our weekly GBM recap videos? Now is your chance!

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Share your thoughts about events for the UCSD CKI Newsletter!

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Website Suggestions

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