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Circle K International is the largest service organization in the world, with over 13,000 members worldwide who have served a total of 199,327 hours of service.

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Big/Little Applications 2019-2020

Wednesday, October 10, 2019

Looking for a closer relationship with someone in Circle K? Want someone to guide you through college or just somebody to hang out and get food with? 
Big/Little Applications are open, and that means you have the chance to make these kinds of connections!! Whether you're a returning member hoping to be a big, or a new member who has no clue what Bigs and Littles are, the Big/Little system welcomes all members who have attended at least 2 socials and 2 services this quarter!
Applying to be a big or a little grants you access to Big/Little Reveal, an amazing day of family competitions, big/little workshops, and - last but not least - REVEAL itself (where bigs reveal to littles with all sorts of fun gifts and picture opportunities)!
Applications close Friday, October 25th @11:59PM so be sure to apply SOONER than LATER!

Tip: Write down all of the short answers on a separate doc to save progress!!

If you have any concerns about completing your requirements or submitting the application in time, be sure to contact the Fellowship Chair (Zeven Vidmar-Barker) via FB or e-mail (fellowship@ucsdcki.org).

Membership Application 2019-2020

Friday, October 10, 2019

Hello all! Happy Fall Quarter!

With the new year comes a new membership application filled with lots of great ways to let us learn more about YOU! Please make sure to share as much information so that we are able to sort you into the best fam possible. Also, make sure to complete CST Orientation beforehand, it is now required to complete the quiz and sending the waiver to vps@ucsdcki.org in conjunction with completing your application! 

Click HERE for the membership application. 

The link for it is http://tinyurl.com/CKIMember2020

Tip: Fill out the about me section in a separate word document. This is just in case your internet goes down, or anything happens, so you don't lose your progress.