UCSD Circle K

What is ALICE?

Every single year, around half a million people are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. It remains to be one of the leading causes of death in America. ALICE’s ( Alzheimer’s; Learn. Inform. Care. End.) focus is on raising awareness on Alzheimer's Disease and to work with relevant charitable organizations in order to raise funds for the people in the San Diego community that are affected by this disease.

Impact Team Members

Alfredo Salmasan

Supreme Leader

Caitlin Song

Co-Internal/Operations Chair

Zeven Vidmar Barker

Co-Internal/Operations Chair

Andrea Roman

Publicity Chair

Andrew Reddy

Logistics Chair

Steven Ong

Co-Finance Chair

Alina Luk

Co-Finance Chair

Christina Nguyen

Co-External/Outreach Chair

Kevin Cheng

Co-External/Outreach Chair