UCSD Circle K

LSFP Committee 2017-2018

What is LSFP Committee?

Large Scale Fundraising Project Committee (LSFP) is in charge of hosting a large-scale fundraiser that is aimed towards one of the District Fundraising Initiative.

2017-2018 LSFP Committee hosted a divisional service auction with a theme that revolved around "The Greatest Showman". The proceeds for this large-scale fundraiser went towards Kiwanis Family House and 20% of the proceeds went towards helping Hawaii Circle K clubs get to District Events. The committee also hosted Pies For PTP and Double Dare Week during Fellowship week to raise money towards Pediatric Trauma Program.

Committee Members

Anh Vo

LSFP Committee Head

Weijin Xu

Executive Assistant

Erica Wei

External Outreach Chair

Phillip Truong

Internal Outreach Chair

Nicole Ambrosio

Operations Chair

Vanissa Tsang

Public Relations Chair