UCSD Circle K

Circle K International operates on an international, sub-regional, district, divisional, and club level, and is comprised of over 13,000 members who make up over 500 clubs in 30 districts and 17 nations, including Antigua, Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Canada, Cayman Islands, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Jamaica, Malaysia, México, Nigeria, Panama, Philippines, St. Lucia, Suriname, Taiwan and the United States.


This level is comprised of members within a particular school or university. Here, a board of officers, executive board and appointed Board runs the operations of the club.Executive Board positions include: President, Administrative Vice President, Service Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Appointed Board positions include: Social Chair, Fundraising Chair, Kiwanis Family Chair, Public Relations Chair, Member Relations Chair, Member Development and Education Chair, Fellowship Chair, Service Chair, and Technology Chair.


Each CKI division is composed of clubs within a close demographic area. UCSD Circle K is part of Paradise Division, one of the eight divisions of Cal-Nev-Ha and is made up of seven schools ranging from California to Hawaii. Our division’s mascots are the toucan and a pineapple.

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Paradise Clubs
Palomar College Grossmont College California State University San Marcos
Hawaii Pacific University San Diego State University University of California, San Diego
University of Hawaii, Hilo University of Hawaii, Manoa


Each division then falls under a district which is usually bounded by state lines. During the annual district convention, delegates from all clubs within a district elect a Governor Secretary and Treasurer to serve on the District Executive Board. A board of district chairs are then appointed to carry out specific district focuses and events throughout the year in which clubs from all over the district can participate and attend. UCSD Circle K is part of the largest district in CKI, the Cal-Nev-Ha district, which comprises California, Nevada, and Hawaii. Our district spans over 2700 miles and holds 40 clubs with over hundreds of members.

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Major District Events


Every sub-region is a collective of bordering districts based on size, demographic, and cultures. Every year at the International Convention the sub-region elects a Trustee to be the voice and the bridge to CKI international.


Circle K International comprises 30 districts total. At this level, there is an International President and Vice President as well as 7 elected Sub-regional Trustees and a Trustee-at-Large.

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