UCSD Circle K


Weekly service events are held by UCSD Circle K, during the week, as well as on weekends. You do not have to be a formal paid club member to participate in a service event. Projects vary from maintaining a plot in the on campus community garden, to ladling soup at soup kitchens, to helping with children at Boys and Girls Club. There are multiple events per week, and it's more than likely that so chances are you will find something that catches your interest. Rides are provided to all service events and are met at the Sun God Lawn. To view upcoming service events, please refer to the event Calendar.


There are various opportunities for leadership at UCSD Circle K. There are multiple committees that are always seeking more committee members. Each would be more than happy to receive further input. Every event also requires a chair, a responsibility that anyone willing may request. The club also has an Elected Board which is elected by club members every year before Spring Quarter, and an Appointed Board which is selected by the Elected Board. To learn more about the current board as well as its specific positions, please refer to the Contact page.


UCSD Circle K provides various opportunities for social life socializing and friendships. Our events are always open to new members, and will always welcome anyone who wants to attend our GBMs or events. We also holds multiple social events every week which can range from hanging out at the beach, going out for a meal, or having a board game night. Rides are also provided to all social events if necessary. We also have multiple families within the club which are open to all members, and you can even participate in our mentorship program where you’ll be paired with a returning member (Bigs and Littles). To view upcoming social events, please refer to the event Calendar.