UCSD Circle K


It’s that time for our annual Big/Little Reveal again! For the Bigs, you’ll finally get to see your Littles as their Big and for the Littles, you’ll find out who your Bigs are!

The event will consist of A FAMILY COMPETITION, some workshops, and then the actual Reveal! For those who are picking up, this is a reminder to bring out of the rest of your line so you can take some cute pics with your new littles!

FOR BOTH BIGS AND LITTLES: If you are unable to attend the event or have any questions about the event please contact Phillip Truong or email fellowship@uscdcki.org

Person of Contact

Phillip Truong


Who's going

  • Vanissa Tsang

  • Raima Ghosh

  • Amy Tang

  • Kristy Liou

  • Deanica-Iris Viacrusis

  • Steven Ong

  • Caitlin Song

  • Louise Tolentino

  • Carl Dungca

  • Steve Pastor

  • Tri Tran

  • Brian Wang

  • Lilia Van

  • Jason Liu

  • Jerry Castillo

  • Summer Joshi

  • Stella Baik

  • Weijin Xu

  • Ian Chang

  • Alina Luk

  • Kevin Cheng

  • Zeven Vidmar Barker

  • Evan Lin

  • Jack Wang

  • Ryan Luong

  • David Tu

  • Christina Nguyen

  • Aimee Aviles

  • Alexandra Wei

  • Anees Patnam

  • Fernie Valdez

  • Miyu Nakajima