UCSD Circle K


It’s that time for our annual Big/Little Reveal again! For the Bigs, you’ll finally get to see your Littles as their Big and for the Littles, you’ll find out who your Bigs are!

The event will a FAMILY COMPETITION, some Big/Little-centric workshops, and then the actual Reveal! We will also be having snacks before if you miss out on lunch! For those who are picking up, this is a reminder to bring out of the rest of your line so you can take some cute pics with your new littles!

FOR BOTH BIGS AND LITTLES: If you are unable to attend the event, have any food allergies, or have any questions about the event please contact Zeven Vidmar Barker or email fellowship@uscdcki.org

Person of Contact

Zeven Vidmar Barker

Who's going

  • Amy Tang

  • Braelyn Joy Travis

  • Vanissa Tsang

  • Erica Wei

  • Steven Ong

  • Kylie Tran

  • Ivan Tran


  • Kenley Liu

  • Francis Yang

  • Andrew Ung

  • Dan Tran

  • Anees Patnam

  • Caitlin Song

  • Summer Joshi

  • Justin Luc

  • Brian Wang

  • Evan Lin

  • Blake Civello

  • Kathy Tran

  • Christina Tang

  • Lorena Vargas

  • Danielle Lee

  • Nayeli Mota

  • Felix Chu

  • Vikram Kelkar

  • Terence Lai

  • Hanna Lam

  • Lily Valdrez

  • Jennifer Khuu

  • Giovanny Patino

  • Ricky Melendrez

  • Elisa Pham

  • Jose Tapia Espinosa