UCSD Circle K

Board Game Night

Friday nights be chilly these days...SO COME ON DOWN TO TAPEX ON CAMPUS so we can find that warmth and comfort within the bonds of fellowship for CKI ;)...and in the heat of arguments that you will probably be getting into with Theo and An while playing board games HAHAHAH.

Either way, let's make some more fun memories! 

Person of Contact

Anees Patnam

Who's going


  • Steven Ong

  • Vanissa Tsang

  • Christina Tang

  • Justin Fong

  • Kevin Nguyen

  • Tam Tran

  • Sean Wu

  • Francis Yang

  • Ivan Tran

  • Kenley Liu

  • Felix Chu

  • Justin Tran

  • Blake Mann

  • Jonathan Yu

  • Alyssa Lew