UCSD Circle K

[CKI At UCR] 12th Annual Kids Rock Concert

Circle K International at the University of California, Riverside will be hosting its largest scale fundraiser of the year, the Kids Rock Concert. For the past 12 years, our organization has prepared a concert with both locally and online famous performers. Our proceeds have and continue to go to the Pediatric Trauma Program, PTP, at our local Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital.

From live performances, games, silent auctions, prizes, and food/drinks, we hope you decide to join us to celebrate 12 years of our history and continuous support for PTP.

If you are intending to register, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND pre-registering, as it will guarantee that you would get a t-shirt :)

Check out their CUTE WEBSITE for more information :D


Sign up here:

*** Pls follow instructions on the form, make sure to venmo @ckiucr ***

Please finish everything before the deadline and have a great break!!

Presale Deadline: December 26, 2019

Cost: $16

On-site registration: $20 (EDIT: SHIRT HAS A SEPARATE COST ON SITE)

buy preorder or no shirt :(

Person of Contact

Steven Ong

(669) 233-1691

Who's going

  • Kylie Tran

  • Angela Chen

  • Felix Chu

  • Kevin Nguyen

  • Hanna Lam

  • Braelyn Joy Travis

  • Evan Lin

  • Savannah Eljaouhari

  • Summer Joshi

  • Zeven Vidmar Barker

  • Ethan Dang

  • Erica Wei

  • Justin Luc

  • Miyu Nakajima

  • Tam Tran

  • Sean Wu

  • Ruthie Navarra

  • Aaron Zepeda